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The focus of the program is towards the core areas of Aboriginal education & training, employment, health & welfare, sport and culture. In addition Centrecorp Foundation has sought to provide material and/or financial support to Aboriginal people – especially young people – who are disadvantaged and unable to fully participate in sporting, educational, cultural and similar activities.

Evaluation of requests
Centrecorp Foundation receives a large number of requests for charitable donations. When evaluating these applications, the Board of Directors is mindful of the following considerations:

Order of Preferences for Donations

  1. Relief of demonstrated situations of suffering and hardship
  2. Access to Education for aboriginal youth – sponsorship of selected individuals to attend schools
  3. Education Support – e.g. Graham Polly Farmer, creation of Girls Rooms at local high schools
  4. Assistance to Community Groups who provide welfare/health services to aboriginal people
  5. Aids to Disabled and Elderly – e.g. wheelchair, disabled bus, special equipment
  6. Medical, emergency and trauma
  7. Youth Leadership, Role Modelling and Individual Achievement Recognition – e.g. Awards
  8. Health – e.g. community health education
  9. Cultural/Musical – e.g. Bush Bands Bash
  10. Sporting – e.g. non-recurrent funding to individuals, preference to Peak bodies, start-up funding for new teams
  11. Transport – e.g. vehicles for other than disable purposes


Likely Denial of Funding for;

  1. Where request does not fit within the charitable purposes of the Foundation
  2. Where request is not primarily directed to benefit aboriginal peoples of Central Australia
  3. Purposes which should be met by government funding
  4. Where alternate funding is more appropriate or specific to the purpose of requested funding
  5. Where there are no recognized or measurable outcomes
  6. Where recipient has likelihood of duplicate funding
  7. Where assurity cannot be given that moneys will be spent on intended purpose
  8. Where project requires recurrent funding which cannot be met by other means and the Foundation cannot commit to ongoing funding
  9. Where the request is from a charitable institution for a purpose which the Foundation would otherwise provide.
  10. Where the sole purpose of the request is to create a role or position with no additional benefits to aboriginal peoples of Central Australia (e.g.the role does not then provide training, education, access to employment, etc).
  11. Where previous successful funding applications have not been acquitted.
  12. Where applicants are not from within the area defined by the Central Land Council footprint.
  13. Funerals and Sorry Business.
  14. Our trust funds are only allowed to be used for those in disadvantaged circumstances and therefore applicants with high household incomes would be unlikely to receive assistance without further explanation as to why they were ‘disadvantaged’.