Donation Process
(08) 8952 5827
  1. The need for funding arises
  2. Applicant reviews website to ensure need for funding fits within Foundation guidelines
  3. Applicant calls the donations officer if clarification required
  4. Applicant obtains application form and completes - supplying invoices and quotes where necessary. Applicant then sends to Centrecorp Foundation by email, post, fax or hand delivery
  5. Application is received by Foundation
  6. Applicant is advised if donation is outside the guidelines of the Foundation
  7. If application is within the delegation of Donations officer then decision made
  8. If application is above the delegation of Donations officer then decision referred to Board
  9. Board meetings monthly (usually last Friday of month) to review applications received
  10. Applicant advised of successful (whether in full or in part) or unsuccessful application, or need to supply further details or need to make a presentation to the Board (this would normally only be for major applications)
  11. If successful application (whether in full or in part) then payment will be made to supplier or organisation. Note: Centrecorp Foundation does not normally make payment to individuals directly.
  12. Applicant acquits donations received via approved form supplied with successful letter
  13. Applications approved but not disbursed within 12 months of proposed spend will become obsolete. A new application will need to be submitted if funding still required
  14. Donations in relation to education are not recurring and need to be applied for annually. Outcomes will depend upon satisfactory school reports in relation to academic achievement, attitude and attendance