Additional Information
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  1. Applicants must be identified as Aboriginal from the Central Land Council Region.
  2. Some contribution towards the cost (whether in cash or kind) expected of the applicant, with reference to their available means to pay of which household income can be an indicator.
  3. Where we have multiple applications for the same event then all applicants usually given same funding.
  4. Funding will not be provided to establish or support commercial ventures.
  5. Funding not provided retrospectively.


  1. Letter of support from school requested where it is not a School Sports NT arranged event and event is being held during a school term.
  2. The Board may deny funding to an applicant where they have already been the subject of previous successful applications in the past year.


  1. Past due amounts (overdue school fees) are not normally paid unless it is a short-term financial issue and the parents are now able to continue paying.
  2. Past due amounts where student is no longer attending the school will not be paid.
  3. $10,000 per annum is usual maximum for inter and intrastate boarding.
  4. $7,000 is usual maximum for in-town private schooling.
  5. Building levies, uniforms, book packs, prepaid camps and excursions and other fees are not funded. We generally direct our funding to school fees for education, tutoring and boarding only.
  6. Support for tertiary education not usually provided though the Board may consider costs of living away from home costs, textbooks and other ancillary costs. University or higher education fees which are covered by HECS will not be funded.
  7. Support for IT equipment usually limited to $1,000 but if applicant working for a FBT concessional salary packaging organisation then likely denial.

School Excursions

  1. Preference given for individual applications rather than an application made by whole school, unless it is clear from the locality that all students are disadvantaged.
  2. Preference is for excursions that deliver education and personal growth outcomes.
  3. Overseas excursions, language and cultural experiences usually limited to $1,000 support.